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Improve your RGB setup with the Razer Addressable RGB Chroma Controller

I’m often asked on my Discord or YouTube channel, “What is the Razer Chroma Addressable RGB Controller”? When I was researching hardware options for my Razer Chroma PC build this device was an absolute must have. The Razer Chroma addressable RGB controller is a HUB device used to control a PC’s internal RGB hardware via …

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Candy Cane Razer Chroma Profile

Everyone loves the holiday season especially when we get to express our holiday spirit through decorations. Well, That is exactly what you’ll get to do with this Candy Cane Razer chroma profile. There’s just not much more iconic items that screams out “Holidays!” like the sight of a candy cane. This is why I’ve decided …

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November 2021 Chroma Profile of the Month

This is a Razer profile of the month competition run monthly through our community on the Chroma Profiles Discord Channel. There are thousands of members sharing thoughts and ideas about how to use Synapse Studio as well as MANY other chroma profiles being shared. We run the competition by choosing a theme for the month. …

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Rainbow Swirl Razer Chroma

The Rainbow Swirl razer chroma profile is a design that display rainbow swirls that spread from the center of the keyboard to the outer edges. Lately, I have been experimenting in Razer Synapse Studio with wave effect layers that have transparent nodes. I’ve really been enjoying this because, if combined with another wave layer underneath, …

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Electricity Razer Chroma Profile

The Electricity Razer Chroma design is a blue and white color combination that displays electric waves on the keyboard. It’s an all reactive design that doesn’t reveal anything at all unless a key is pressed or audio is played. The Electricity design was inspired by a request post on the Chroma Profiles Reddit page. Request …

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