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Pudding Keycaps for Razer Keyboards

Where to find pudding keycaps for Razer keyboards??

Razer pudding keycaps
Razer Pudding Keycaps

For over a year I’ve had to stand back and watch as other branded keyboards with a so called “standard bottom row” were privilaged enough to be able to flaunt their RGB lighting with their pudding shine-through keycaps.

Under my breath I’d curse Razer for wanting to be different than others with their keyboard layout… well no more! Thanks to a lot of digging around through Reddit thread upon Reddit thread…

I was finally able to find solid information on how to obtain bottom row pudding keycaps for Razer keyboards.

R6 desktop
Pudding Keycaps

What Razer Keyboard Are You Using?

Not all keyboards are created equal, that’s why it’s very important when looking at upgrading things like keycaps.

You know exactly what hardware you’re dealing with. This is especially the case when considering accessories for Razer keyboards.

Huntsman TE and Huntsman Mini

Razer’s Huntsman TE and Mini version separate themselves from every other keyboard in their line up for one seemingly minor but significant reason… Bottom row keycap size.

The most likely reason that Razer stepped outside their usual “uncommon” specifications for the Huntsman TE and Mini is because these keyboards are designed and mainly used for competitive gaming.

Therefore, Razer most likely wanted to put something familiar under the competitors fingertips.

Thanks to this, owners of these keyboards have access to a much larger array of aftermarket keycap options which makes finding pudding keycaps easy. 

HyperX Pudding Keycaps


  • Black & white pudding keycaps
  • Key puller included
  • Textured feel
  • Additional keys included for various layouts


  • HyperX branded space bar
  • Doesn’t support keyboards w/ ‘Non-Standard’ bottom row

YMDK Pudding Keycaps


  • Black & white pudding keycaps
  • Key puller included
  • Textured feel
  • Additional keys included for various layouts
  • Purchase option for tournament edition keyboards
  • Purchase option for non standard bottom row
Razer Rosette Nebula
Razer Rosette Nebula

If you’ve been a Razer keyboard owner for years and you’ve previously tried to find replacement keycaps then you know how complicated it can be, especially for those who want pudding keycaps with more exposure to your RGB LEDs. Well your research for finding pudding keycaps for a Razer keyboard non standard bottom row is over. Here are your options:

Non-Standard Bottom Row Only


  • Fits all of Razer’s non-standard bottom row keyboards
  • Textured feel


  • Key puller not included
  • Black only (white option available with full set) 

Full Set of Keycaps Including a Non-Standard Bottom Row


  • Fits all US keyboard layouts
  • Textured Feel
  • Black & white pudding keycaps
  • Key puller Included
  • Many additional keys included for various layouts

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