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This Instagram profile is themed after the popular social platforms color scheme. The design is a simple gradient stretching diagonally across the keyboard. Also, I added a nice looking area ripple effect to the design.


This design is based on the popular Battle Royal shooter game, Call of Duty: Warzone. The colors are green and white based on the theme colors for the Modern Warfare 2 title. There is a white and green fire effect and a subtle white ripple included as well. The word W-A-R-Z-O-N-E is spelled out on the keyboard in yellow lighting. Lastly, you should notice that the WASD keys are a brighter green than the rest of the lighting.

Recent Posts

  • RGB Keyboard

    10 Best Gaming Keyboards with RGB Lighting in 2023

    Gaming keyboards are essential for any serious gamer. Not only do they provide the necessary precision and speed to dominate in fast-paced games, but they also enhance the overall gaming experience with their impressive features and sleek design. One of the most sought-after features in gaming keyboards is RGB lighting. This allows for customizable lighting …

  • Automatically Change Chroma Profiles

    Automatically Change Razer RGB Designs When Switching Games

    Linking a game to custom RGB profiles is a very convenient way to get the most out of your Razer RGB lighting. Razer made it possible to assign RGB profiles to specific games so that your keyboard lighting changes automatically. Here’s how to do it.

  • Buying a Razer Keyboard

    What you can expect to pay for a Razer Keyboard in 2022

    Gamers in the market for a new gaming keyboard have probably considered Razer as a potential brand option for their next device. Being a popular brand and providing a large variety of different styles and build qualities makes Razer a good choice. But how much is it going to cost you to own one? If …

  • How to import Corsair RGB Profiles

    How To Import Corsair RGB Profiles in iCue 4

    All across the internet, you can find images and videos of custom RGB designs displayed on Corsair keyboards and devices. These profiles can be imported onto your own Corsair RGB devices in just a few easy steps. Download a compatible .cueprofile Open the Corsair iCue Software Click on the Profile Selection Dropdown Click on the …

  • Cobra Kai RGB

    Cobra Kai Razer Chroma Profile

    Just the RGB design all you nerds were looking for… My apologies for letting my Johnny Lawrence out. Anyways, this Razer Chroma profile is themed after the Netflix series Cobra Kai. It’s the name of a “Badass” karate dojo in the show. The design was requested by a YouTube Viewer name Gabrint EU who asked …

  • Lightning McQueen Thumbnail

    Lightning McQueen Razer Chroma Profile

    This weeks Razer Chroma RGB design was inspired by a comment request made on my YouTube channel. Tim Abramsson asked “hey can you make a lightning mcqueen profile? please”. So here we are with what I would consider one of my favorite profiles that I’ve made based on request… Lightning McQueen. Follow along with the …

  • Wildside Razer Chroma Profile

    Wildside Razer Chroma Profile

    Chalk it up as another successful rainbow colored Razer chroma profile to add to my profile library. Rainbow colored RGB designs are usually fairly popular. This animated wave pattern with the white overlay on Wildside is sure to be a fan favorite. Follow along with the instructions below and see how I made this design, …

  • Matrix 2 Razer Keyboard

    Matrix 2.0 Razer Chroma Profile

    Due to the recent release of the latest movie released in the series, The Matrix Resurrections, I’ve been asked to make a version 2 of my Matrix chroma profile. This new version brings some similarities to the original version. However, I’ve included lots of additional features with this one. Including an Audio Meter as well …