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Squid Game Chroma

The Squid Game Netflix series has blasted onto the scene recently with its gripping storyline. It didn’t take me long after watching the series to gain inspiration to make a Razer Chroma profile design based on the show.

Whether you enjoyed watching the show or not you’re sure to like this Razer Chroma profile that includes a lot of unique features.

Squid Game Razer Chroma

The Lighting Design

This is a complex design that has some unique features I’ve never used in previous designs.

I started the background of this design using a Spectrum Cycling effect layer. This layer slowly transitions between different shades of the turquoise color that matches the Squid Game players jackets.

The next layer used is a Wave effect layer to creates the main movement of the design. Using the “split” option with white and transparent nodes I was able to create a white effect spreading from the middle of the keyboard to the outside.

Follow up the previous layer with another Wave effect layer used to spell the words “S-Q-U-I-D-G-A-M-E” on the keycaps. You can check out my video on how to spell words if you’re interested in how I did it.

I used an Audio Meter effect layer to make the keyboard look like a Squid Game staff member. Here I included the option to choose from a Square, Triangle and Circle shape depending on what you want.

Lastly, and the most unique feature of this design, is the Ripple effect layer. I used 2 separate Ripple layers on this one. a normal red colored ripple and a second red ripple on the top that is slower to create a reactive type of effect.


The Squid Game chroma profile turned out to be one of my favorite designs of the year. With the blood colored ripple and the themed Audio Meter this is one to love.

If you liked this design, be sure to check out my Batman Razer chroma profile as well.

Razer Devices Used in this Profile

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Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

Hey there,

I created a .ChromaEffects profile (Razer Ornata V2) and would like to share it with you, are you interested?

Its a Vampire profile with Blood, Vampire teath, an upsidedown cross, a pumping heart and blood going through a vain on the beat of the heart and some minimal typing effect + audio. Its a simple profile pretty much took me 25 minutes to create but it has something special with the heart beating.

Thank you for your vids and sharing your knowledge and profiles to check out.



Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

Hey, Thanks for the comment! I would love to take a look at your profile! You can send it in my Discord server in the #porfile-share channel.