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Batman Razer Chroma Profile

Do you tend to lean on the good side and naturally gravitate toward superheros? Then this Batman Razer Chroma profile is just for you! Like many of my other designs, this idea came from several comments made on my YouTube channel.

Batman Razer Chroma

The Lighting Design

This Razer chroma profile is a complex design that took me a fair amount of time to make. It is made up of many different effect layers using Razer Studio in the Razer Synapse software.

The background is made up of a white Starlight effect layer combined with a Wave layer that spells out the word “Batman”.

A yellow Reactive effect layer is used to add some response lighting to what you’re doing on the keyboard.

Batman PC Setup
Batman PC Setup

Finally, a Wheel effect layer is used to depict what most people know as the Bat Signal. This effect scans the keyboard and reveals a yellow Batman logo on the keyboard.

If you like to make the profiles a little more personal, feel free to follow along with the video tutorial below and make this Batman Razer chroma profile custom to your taste!

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Using a different keyboard? Watch this video to learn how to expand a keyboard lighting design onto other keys as well as other devices!

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