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Valorant Razer Chroma Profile


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This tutorial teaches you how to make a Valorant profile for your Razer Chroma Devises.

After numerous requests from many on my YouTube channel, I’m finally bringing a Valorant chroma profile to the community.

With this profile I’m bringing a ground breaking Razer Synapse tutorial showing you how to reveal letter+

Valorant Razer chroma  lighting profile
Valorant Art

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The Valorant Chroma profile design was created with the following Studio lighting effect layers:

Wave  – For a custom fire effect made at the bottom of the keyboard. The Wave effect layer is also wisely used at a 180 degree angle to create a frame-by-frame spelling of the word V-A-L-O-R-A-N-T on your keyboard. 

Audio Meter – Is used to create a custom audio meter in the shape of the letter “V” on your keyboard.

Valorant Art Gameplay keyboard lighting
Valorant Gameplay

Please take note that this Chroma design is a stand alone lighting design and is not integrated with the game in any way.

Therefore, what you do in the game will not change the lighting effects. I wish that were possible at this time… 

Valorant Synapse Studio
Valorant Synapse Studio

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The equipment I am using:

Using a different keyboard? Watch this video to learn how to expand a keyboard lighting design onto other keys as well as other devices!

Watch this video on YouTube.


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Friday 25th of June 2021

Where tf is the download


Sunday 27th of June 2021

Right above this comment, in a square box :D