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Tron Razer Chroma Profile

The Tron Razer chroma profile has been one of my most highly requested designs to make. I created this design for all the Tron fans out there.

This profile features a lighted disk moving across the keyboard leaving a track of light in its wake. The profile then spells out the word “Tron” in large letters.

This design is an advanced design and not simple to create. I have not filmed a complete video tutorial on the step by step process of making this design. I do however discuss the main overview of the design down below.

As always there is a download link down below so you can have this design on your own keyboard!

Tron Razer Chroma

The Lighting Design

This Razer RGB lighting design can be a little tricky to make if you don’t know your way around Synapse Studio.

The Purple background was created first using a Static effect layer to cover all of your available lighting zones. Slap on a purple color and drag the color brightness down low.

Next I use a combination of 3 Wave effect layers to create the moving light animation and the T-R-O-N spelling across the keyboard.

I also created an orange color option if there’s a little bit of the dark side that runs in your veins. Or feel free to change the colors yourself by following my tutorial on how to change the color of a Razer chroma profile.

Tron Chroma Profile

If you like this design you can check out some of my other animated designs that I have done. The Rick and Morty profile is one of my top favorites.

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