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Aydan Chroma

Hey everyone, for this Razer keyboard lighting design I wanted to make a profile based on my personal favorite streamer to watch, Aydan.

In this design, I attempted to recreate his logo with Razer RGB keyboard lighting and I have to say.. I was fairly successful.

If you are a fan of Aydan and you have a Razer Chroma keyboard, then your are sure to like this Aydan Razer chroma profile.

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Aydan Razer Chroma Profile


He is the GOAT… But in all seriousness, Aydan is a Twitch streamer who gained popularity by showing the world what he can do on a gaming controller.

He was picked up by team Ghost for his ability to play Fortnite at a high level.

He was thrust into fame during the 2018 PAX West Fortnite tournament where he continuously clashed with NickMercs in Tilted Towers.

The head-to-head battles were by far the most entertaining headline of the entire weekend.

Currently, Aydan is no longer attached to a gaming team and he is a well developed standalone streamer.

His streams are entertaining for me because he is an ultra competitive Battle Royal player who is constantly pushing high kill games.

He also competes in games with money on the line almost every stream whether its tournaments or wagers with viewers.

You can find out more about Aydan by following him on the following platforms:


The Aydan Razer Chroma profile design was created with the following Chroma lighting effects:

Wave – For the Background lighting, Aydan Logo, caps/num lock indicator and peripheral lighting

Reactive – To add a pop of color while using the keyboard

Wheel – I put the wheel effect layer on the Razer Nommo Speakers because I think it compliments the round shape better than my usual wave.


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