The Bugha Razer Chroma lighting design was created as a replica of the popular Twitch streamer Bugha (Fortnite World Champion). This design was requested by several of my Youtube subscribers. I like to make designs that my viewers request so if you have a lighting design that you would like to see me make, request it down below in the comments or leave a comment on my Youtube channel. 


The design uses a wave design along with a horizontal ripple effect. The color pattern is a mix of magenta, cyan, and blue. You can change the colors up however you want, just follow along on the tutorial and you can make this design your own personal masterpiece. 


If you like the Bugha Razer chroma effect, another popular lighting profile that I have done based off of another popular Twitch streamer is my Dr Disrespect profile. Be sure to check that one out as well.




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 The equipment I am using: 


 Razer Huntsman Elite 


 Razer Basilisk Ultimate 


 Razer Firefly Mouse Pad 


 Razer HDK LED Light Strip 


 Razer Nommo Chroma Desktop Speakers 


Razer Tartarus V2 


  Using a different keyboard? Watch this video to learn how to expand a keyboard lighting design onto other keys as well as other devices! 




Note: This is a .chromaeffects file and is only compatible with Razer Synapse 3 compatible devices. This file will not work on Razer Blade laptops.


    • UnrealHero

      Thank you! Will do

  1. Nikolas

    my ripple ain’t working.

    • UnrealHero

      What’s it doing?

  2. Oni

    Yo i dont know how to get this thing working. it says it needs a synapse 3 file but this is a chroma effects one

    • UnrealHero

      That’s probably because you’re trying to import the file from your “keyboard” tab in synapse. You have to import it from the “Studio” tab. If you don’t have studio, then you’ll need to install the module in the “Dashboard” tab.

      Let me know if that helps 🙂

  3. OniOni

    Does it work with Razer Ornata Chroma? because it says it isn’t compatible

    • UnrealHero

      Yes, It’s should work with the Ornata Chroma. Did you try to import it yet?

  4. Alex

    Thank you very much for the effects, they look awesome!

    • UnrealHero

      You’re very welcome! Thanks for the comment 🙂


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