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Kobe PicKobe Tribute Design

The Kobe Tribute Design was created by myself in response to his fatal helicopter crash that happened on Jan 26, 2020. As a kid growing up I was very much into sports, mainly basketball. I was a team captain my senior year of high school in the early 2000’s and spent much of my time playing the NBA 2k games.  The design features a Lakers color scheme of purple and yellow and has a  transition effect between the two colors.

kobe 24

 During Kobe’s time with the Lakers he wore both the number 8 and the number 24 on his jersey. I’ve incorporated that into this design on the right side of the keyboard by revealing a yellow “8” when the background is purple and a purple “24” when the background is yellow.

There is also a spelling feature that I have applied to this design which spells out his name “Kobe Bryant” on the respective keys on the keyboard.


Also included with this design are additional effect layers such as a white reactive layer as well as a white audio meter layer. The audio meter layer was placed on the top row of the keyboard (over the F keys) and reveals a brighter white light with the more volume you have playing. 

If the color scheme is not what you’re in to, then I highly recommend following along with the tutorial video and substituting whatever color you would like. 

For a full and in depth tutorial on how to use the Razer Synapse 3 software to customize your Razer Chroma keyboard click here.

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 The equipment I am using:

 Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard

 Razer Basilisk Ultimate

 Razer Firefly Mouse Pad

 Razer HDK LED Light Strip

 Razer Nommo Chroma Desktop Speakers 

  Using a different keyboard? Watch this video to learn how to expand a keyboard lighting design onto other keys as well as other devices!

Note: This is a .chromaeffects file and is only compatible with Razer Synapse 3 compatible devices. This file will not work on Razer Blade laptops.


  1. derek

    thanks for the tribute

  2. derek

    thanks for the tribute to him

    • UnrealHero

      It’s my absolute pleasure

      • roy

        i dont know how to install it

        • UnrealHero

          There is Tutorial in my tutorial page on how to install designs.

      • Kyle Christopher Lynch

        I actually made a video how to install razer synapse profiles using this specific one dude your the OG for the community dude you put your heart out on creating these for the community! i recently started making my custom ones if I can ask you to upload them here if possible?

        • UnrealHero

          Hey! I have thought about adding other users profiles to my site, but I don’t think I’m quite prepared for it yet. Thanks for the kind words and I’ll be sure to let you know if/when I open up that opportunity. Keep plugging away at those profiles 🙂


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