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This design is based on the popular Battle Royal shooter game, Call of Duty: Warzone. The colors are green and white based on the theme colors for the Modern Warfare 2 title. There is a white and green fire effect and a subtle white ripple included as well. The word W-A-R-Z-O-N-E is spelled out on the keyboard in yellow lighting. Lastly, you should notice that the WASD keys are a brighter green than the rest of the lighting.

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This RGB design is based on the popular video game streamer, Ninja. The design features blue and yellow colors that make the shape of the ninja logo. The eyes of the ninja have a blinking animation every few seconds. Also, every 10 seconds the keyboard will turn yellow and spell out N-I-N-J-A. Lastly, The top row of yellow keys turns into an audio meter when audio is being played on your system.

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Toxic Gusher

The Toxic Gusher Razer chroma profile is a random green colored design that was made on the spot during one of my YouTube live streams. This design has a green wheel effect that reverses direction when you press a key on the keyboard. Also while press a key is a nice looking brighter green ripple effect. When playing audio, this profile shows an audio meter that moves from the edges of the keyboard to the center as audio is increased.

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